London Beigel: Thailand’s Premier Jewish Deli Delivery Service

, London Beigel: Thailand’s Premier Jewish Deli Delivery Service

In the heart of Thailand, a culinary gem shines bright, offering a taste of authentic Jewish delicacies to locals and expatriates alike. London Beigel stands as the only Jewish Deli delivery service in the country, a title it wears with pride and honor. This isn’t just a food delivery service; it’s a cultural bridge, connecting the vibrant flavors of traditional Jewish cuisine with the eclectic tastes of Thailand.

A Morning Delight: Perfect Breakfasts Delivered to Your Door

Breakfast, often hailed as the most important meal of the day, takes on a new level of significance with London Beigel. Imagine waking up to the aromas of freshly baked beigel, the rich textures of smoked salmon, and the comforting warmth of classic matzo ball soup. London Beigel ensures that your morning starts with not just a meal, but an experience.

The Secret to Authenticity

What makes London Beigel stand out in a market saturated with diverse culinary options? The answer lies in its unwavering commitment to authenticity. Every item on their menu is a testament to traditional Jewish cooking. London Beigel’s menu is a carefully curated collection of Jewish classics. From their signature beigel, topped with cream cheese & lox, to hearty sandwiches stacked with pastrami or salted beef, each item is a celebration of taste.

Pattaya Passport was lucky enough to speak with the dynamic duo Spencer and Mrs. Salty to answer some questions and tell us about what makes London Beigel so unique.

PattayaPassport: Can you share the story behind starting a Jewish deli inPattaya, Thailand?

Mrs. Salty: London Beigel and Salt Beef Bar started it’s life by accident back in 2020 during the time of the covid pandemic, and the story of how I got to be here still amazes me. Back in 2018, I wanted to start cooking healthy meals for my hubby, and like everyone, I started to learn to make everything from good old YouTube. Throughout 2018, I was really getting into cooking and was inspired by many chefs teaching me how to create great healthy dishes. More to the point, my hubby was enjoying my dishes, which was unbelievable, as before I started following the chefs on YouTube, I could not even cook a hard-boiled egg!

My hubby was really impressed with my new hobby and asked me if I would like, for my birthday, to go to a cooking school to learn more about Western food. This is how my journey started.

My hubby treated me to a cooking course at Dusit Thani College Pattaya, where I learned so many recipes, about food hygiene, preparation and how systems worked. I was so hooked on this – I cannot even explain how I loved going to class. This whole experience gave me a new meaning, a new purpose.

Over ten months, I became more adventurous and confident with my cooking. One day my hubby came up to me and asked if I could make Gefilte fish, and potato latkes. I looked at him like he was mad, and asked “what is that”?, as I never heard of it. He explained to me that this is a Jewish dish from a cuisine called Ashkenazi, which started in eastern Europe and is popular in the UK and the US. I started some research, and my hubby also asked his 93-year-old aunt for the real traditional recipes. With the help of Aunty Hetty and YouTube, I learned how to make Gefilte fish, and Potato latkes. Although they were nowhere near perfect, my hubby and his friend really liked them, and posted these on a Facebook group in Pattaya.

Surprisingly, some people contacted my hubby and asked if they could buy some Gefilte fish, as they have not had this in years. We were both surprised by this, but my hubby asked me if I wanted to sell some. I looked at him like “are you serious?” I did not have the confidence, had not even worked out a cost, let alone a sale price, but, as we were so excited, we decided the customer can pick some up for free!

Over the coming weeks and months, we also started to make Salt Beef, and again my hubby posted this on a Facebook group. We had more people contact us, to see if they can buy some. For those of you that may not know, Salt Beef is very similar to Corned Beef which is sold in the US.

We then decided to do some posting on a Facebook group called, Breakfast Club Pattaya: ‘Salt Beef and Gefilte fish for sale, if anyone would like to order!” We started to get a few orders, and customers liked the two dishes, so we then decided to start to bake plain Beigels. The idea of a wide range of traditional Jewish Deli offerings took shape.

Both my hubby and I realized that we could indeed have a small business, as more and more customers were showing interest in these few dishes. So we decided on a name that reflects where my hubby is from and where Ashkenazi cuisine is popular. And so was created The London Beigel and Salt Beef Bar.

Over the last eighteen months, with the help of Aunty Hetty, and YouTube, I have learned both the history of Ashkenazi Cuisine and how to create these wonderful dishes.

I’m proud to say that London Beigel and Salt Beef Bar now brings A Jewish Deli to Thailand. Our wide-ranging menu offers a varied and wonderful full Deli choice.

We use traditional Ashkenazi recipes, brining our own Brisket for a full 14 days, to then cook and create the most tender and succulent Salt Beef you have tasted – a traditional family recipe dating back over one hundred years. Our traditional Beigel’s ( Beigel) have a wonderful chewy and light crunch when you bite into them. These wonderful Beigel ( Beigel) are filled with a selection of fillings from Salt Beef, Chopped Liver, Egg & Onion, and not forgetting smoked salmon and cream cheese. We make the Gefilte fish both fried and boiled, potato latkes, Matzo Ball Soup, and a selection of Knishes and deserts. We are not a restaurant, and only offer pick-up or delivery.

I prepare a variety of delectable fillings for my beigels, including Salt Beef, Chopped Liver, Egg and Onion, and the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese. One of my signature beigels is “The New Yorker,” featuring smoked salmon and cream cheese on a sesame seed beigel. To enhance the flavour, I not only sprinkle sesame seeds on top but also infuse them into the dough itself. This unique touch adds depth to the beigel, creating a delightful experience, especially when fresh out of the oven or toaster. I named it “The New Yorker” because I feel it not only reignites the spirit of New York but also resonates with the entire US, as smoked salmon and cream cheese are universally loved.

It is incredible – a Thai girl like me has learned and – my customers say perfected -a brand of cuisine rarely (if ever) produced in Thailand before! I feel privileged and proud to bring Ashkenazi cuisine to Thailand and introduce this to the market, I could not have done this without the help and support of my hubby

I look forward to you all joining me on my journey and helping me develop this amazing cuisine in Thailand

PP: How do you source your ingredients, especially those that are essential for traditional Jewish cuisine?

Spencer: We primarily acquire most of our products from local sources, with the exception of key ingredients essential for crafting Potato Latkas, Gefilte fish, and Matzo balls. The primary imported ingredient, Matzo meal, is sourced from the UK, along with Lokshen (also known as Kugel).

A crucial component contributing to the exceptional flavours in many of our offerings is Schmaltz. Notably, Schmaltz cannot be purchased; rather, it requires a homemade preparation involving a blend of chicken skin, onions, and a selection of secret seasonings that impart a distinctive and unique flavour. Schmaltz is also called liquid gold as it takes a long time to make and is much more expensive than most oils that is on the market

PP: What are the most popular dishes at your deli, and what makes them unique?

Spencer: This is a very hard question to answer as all the dishes From our meticulously crafted salt beef, also known as corned beef in the US, to our pastrami that undergoes a four-week preparation process before reaching your plate, we take pride in the art of brining both these delicacies. The intricate and time-consuming procedure ensures the perfection of our pastrami and salt beef, making them truly exceptional.

Notably, our matzo ball soup and gefilte fish have become beloved favorites among our customers. Beyond being delectable dishes, they evoke cherished memories for many of our patrons, especially those in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. Enjoying these culinary delights often transports them back to their childhood, reminiscent of the comforting meals prepared by their grandmothers.

Among our array of offerings, our Jewish rye bread holds a special place, but each dish we create is unique and holds significance for individual customers, resonating with them for various personal reasons.

PP: How do you maintain the authenticity of your Jewish recipes in a Southeast Asian culinary environment?

Spencer: Mrs. Salty is the mastermind behind London Beigel, having initially delved into the fundamental recipes shared by my 93-year-old aunt when we embarked on creating these dishes. Over the past three years, Mrs. Salty has immersed herself in the history of Ashkenazi cuisine, meticulously exploring numerous recipes and stories. She is dedicated to breathing life into these dishes with the historical context and love they rightfully deserve. Crafting these dishes isn’t merely about cooking; it’s a heartfelt expression of love for history and cuisine. Each dish requires a minimum of two days to make, representing a genuine labour of love.

PP: Have you faced any challenges in introducing Jewish cuisine to a diverse audience in Pattaya?

When we initially embarked on this venture, it wasn’t driven by business motives; it began during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the response was astonishing. However, as the pandemic waned and restrictions lifted, our business saw a decline in activity. To counter this, we decided to explore delivering to Bangkok once a month, eventually increasing to twice a month after a few months. Initially, we relied on hiring a private taxi to reach all our customers on those designated days.

During the summer of 2022, many of our customers were on vacation, and the orders requiring travel to Bangkok were no longer economically feasible. Mrs. Salty, in her usual research fashion, discovered a food logistics company that could deliver both chilled and frozen goods to our customers the following day. After testing a few deliveries, we were pleased to find that the logistics company performed exceptionally well.

This marked a significant turning point for London Beigel, as it opened doors, so to speak, enabling us to ship our products all over Thailand.

PP: What is your approach to catering to both the local Thai community and international visitors?

Spencer: We exclusively follow Ashkenazi cuisine without any alterations to our traditional recipes. Our products are priced at a mid-level, making them inaccessible for many local Thai community members. Nevertheless, we’ve welcomed numerous Thai customers who have either visited, lived, or studied in the US. Once introduced to Jewish deli food, they become hooked. Despite the pricing, our Thai customers express how much they miss this unique cuisine when they return to Thailand

PP: Is this a Kosher deli?

Spencer: We do not adhere to Kosher standards; achieving Kosher certification requires a distinct level of expertise and incurs additional expenses, making the product prohibitively expensive to market.

PP: Can you tell us about a memorable customer experience?

Spencer: We exclusively provide delivery or collection services. Everything crafted by Mrs. Salty is prepared at home, ensuring that customers experience the nostalgic delight of traditional, homemade Ashkenazi cuisine. Many patrons have fondly reminisced about their childhood as they indulge in our offerings, particularly our Matzo Ball Soup and Gefilte Fish. The emotional response from customers, some in their 70s, has been overwhelming, with heartfelt calls expressing gratitude and even tears, as our dishes transport them back to cherished moments with their grandmothers and mothers. The joy derived from such comments is truly indescribable.

PP: What role do you think food plays in cultural exchange and understanding, particularly in a multicultural place like Pattaya?

Spencer: As stated earlier, our shipping services cover all regions in Thailand. It is particularly thrilling for us to bring a new culinary experience to a diverse audience in the country. A significant portion of our clientele comprises expatriates in relationships with Thai partners, often with families. These families enthusiastically introduce our cuisine to their children and loved ones, resulting in a positive reception of our dishes. Furthermore, we’ve garnered interest from both Thai and Korean patrons who are eager to explore our offerings for the first time. Many of these individuals discover Mrs. Salty during their weekend visits to Pattaya and, impressed by the experience, reach out to us for delivery orders extending to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. The reputation of Mrs. Salty is not only spreading within the expatriate community but is also gaining recognition among the local Thai community.

PP: Are there any special events or celebrations that you host at your deli?

Spencer: We currently lack a brick-and-mortar deli for in-person dining. Nevertheless, we specialize in offering delivery or collection services exclusively. In our upcoming plans, we aim to open a deli in the near future. Our objective is to craft a communal space, inviting those who have grown up with Ashkenazi cuisine also known as Jewish Deli food, and to build a community where everyone can share their memories. We hope It will serve as a gathering place for individuals to come together, share memories, and make new friends.

PP: Looking to the future, do you have any plans for expansion or introducing new menu items?

Spencer: Our extensive menu, reflects our commitment to offering a comprehensive selection inspired by the rich traditions of Jewish delis in the US and Canada. While the concept of London Beigel originated with a concept from the UK, our focus has shifted to meet the preferences of our predominantly American expat clientele here in Thailand. Recognizing the strong cultural ties and familiarity that US and Canadian expats have with Jewish deli cuisine, we strive to cater to their tastes by including a wide array of authentic offerings.

Although we continue to welcome UK expats who appreciate and understand this culinary tradition, we acknowledge that the market in the UK is comparatively smaller. Our goal remains to provide a taste of home for everyone who has grown up with this cuisine

PP: Where do you ship to outside of Pattaya?

Spencer: We ship across all of Thailand, and use a good logistics company, we offer both frozen and chilled for delivery. We do not have a minimum size order requirement. If a customer wants one Beigel shipped to Phuket we will ship it, as long as the customer will pay the shipping charge. Most customers outside of Pattaya tend to make larger sized orders as they like to make the delivery worth while and put in the freezer when they receive it to enjoy for a few days.
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